What is PPC advertising?

PPC Advertising

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a great mean to advertise and drive traffic and sales to an online business. PPC helps drive traffic that specifically is looking for a certain keyword, which helps with conversion rates for businesses. PPC uses keywords to maximize its potential to drive targeted traffic it is more effective then banner ads and offline advertising because it reaches more online users. Pay Per Click does not only reach more people but gets in front of your market who are looking specifically for keywords that apply to your business. There is a lot of work and research that goes into each PPC advertising campaign including strategic bidding and careful keyword research.

A tracking system, click stream analysis, is used to track and monitor what people do once clicking on your site through the PPC campaign. This data helps to manage your advertising and its effectiveness as creating leads. With the tracking system you will be able to determine the quality of traffic that comes to your site through PPC that will help drive a higher conversion rate. This rate is the percentage of traffic to your site that is converted from just a visitor into a buyer. Though it is nice to see the numbers of your traffic increase substantially, it is more important to have quality over quantity. Quality traffic will be what provides a higher conversion rate since they are actively looking for what you are offering and will most likely return to the site in the future.

A major mistake that is made with PPC is driving your traffic to just your homepage or an About Us page. If the keyword is a certain product that you offer it is necessary to send the traffic to that specific page that offers detailed content of the product or service that you are offering. This page is called the landing page and is the page that you will send your traffic that offers the keyword search words that were used for the PPC advertising campaign. You can have multiple landing pages, each geared and offering a specific service or product that your keywords included. It is essential that you are not sending the searchers directly to purchase the product or service, so your landing page should actually be detailed content that teaches your market about the product or service you offer, this builds trust with your market as well as engages the traffic.

You do want people who are looking specifically for what you offer as opposed to driving traffic that is merely curiosity clicks. With a PPC advertising you pay per clicks to your site, meaning you pay for that curious clicker with no intention to buy to click on your site. To prevent this from occurring do not use contextual advertising on publish sites, this will help return your investment in the PPC advertising campaign.

If you offer a free product or service to help build sales and prospects then you must deliver this free product by email so you have the means to stay in contact with this possible buyer. By giving your email, the prospect should also be made aware that they would be added to the newsletter and email list. Make it for your prospect to be on this list instead of seeing it as a nuisance, this means making sure you are actively delivering engaging and relevant content through your updates.

PPC campaigns can be pricey, so if you are just starting out and are interested in using PPC for advertising your business and increasing sales then it is essential to establish a budget. You will also want to run a few campaigns for a set amount of time that way you can compare advertising methods and determine which one is bringing the most quality traffic. You will also want to research to determine the keywords that are relevant to what you offer and are highly searched. Try different keywords for your different campaigns to determine which is the most effective. Make sure once your market arrives that they can easily navigate through the site and learn about the product and service and easily check out if they wish to purchase. Make sure the shopping cart on your site is working properly and is an easy checkout process, guaranteeing your prospect will not grow impatient during checkout and abandon the cart. PPC is a great way to increase sales and traffic to your business, and if done correctly can be the ultimate and guaranteed source for your quality traffic.

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